Workshop Blog

A little taste of what’s going on in the woodshed at ACG.



15/2/17 Work Progress

• Skelf Short Scale 5.

• J Type 6.


1/2/17 New Model

• This new bass design will be launched at The London Bass Guitar Show.


5/1/17 For those that don’t know I also build guitars under the name Reiver Guitars.
This is a new venture so please drop by and have a look or send your guitar playing friends to have a look. Pre-production models are now up for sale as EX-Demo so at much reduced prices..

• Currently two models the Kompakt headless and the Reiver to be found at www.reiverguitars.co.uk

3/1/17 New model now with some colour on it after a day of testing..

• No name yet for the bass or this colour combination.


27/12/16 Pet project.

• I have been working with Colin Cunningham on a new model.


4/12/16 NAMM Basses. They will be for sale when I return from the USA or can be reserved with a deposit for delivery on my return to the UK.

• Recurve S Type 6.

• Recurve 5.

• Krell 4.

• Salace E Type 5 Fretless.


30/11/16 Work Progress.

• Contouring and neck carve now done on the Krell 4.

• Salace E Type 6.

• Uber Krell 4.


16/11/16 Work Progress.

• Krell 4 Short Scale with Buckeye top and Black Limba body.

• Krell E Type 5 multi scale.

• Skelf SS5 with Fractal Ebont top.

• Native Krell

• J Type 6 Olivewood top.


20/10/16 Cutting out bodies today.

• Uber Finn 4 Holly back and top.

• Uber Recurve 4 Flame Maple top and Mahogany back.

• Salace E Type Redwood top and Mahogany back.

• Finn R Type Headless Swamp Ash.

• Finn R Type Claro Walnut top Black Walnut body.

• P Type Pale Moon Ebony top White Limba body.


19/10/16 Exchange Rate

• This post is aimed at pretty much everyone outside the UK. If you follow the exchange rate and I realise not everyone does, then you will know that the UK Pound (£GBP) has taken a real beating in the last few months. So at the moment your $ € or Yen or whatever currency you are using now buys you more ACG than it has since before AC Guitars came into existance. Now while this is very much working in your favour it is not working in mine. My hardware comes from the USA Germany and Japan, most of the wood comes from USA and Germany so as you will appreciate my £ now buys less than it did 6 months ago. At the moment I have not put my prices up but this cannot continue for ever at some point I will need to cover the increased costs of my materials. So with this in mind I would suggest now id an excellent time to buy an ACG stock bass your cash gets you more the prices have not gone up so savings are to be made even with the ACG EQ01 dual filter pre-amp it has never been cheaper.

If interested in any of the stock instruments in the FOR SALE section of the website and you want the $ or € price just drop me a line and will be happy to let you know.


14/10/16 – 4 New Build’s Underway

• Native Krell. Made entirely from UK woods.

• Finn R Type Headless 5.

• Skelf SS5

• J Type 6.


28/9/16 Holy Grail Guitar Show Bass number 2.

• Über Recurve 5. For Sale.


28/9/16 Holy Grail Guitar Show Bass number 1.

• Krell Fretless 4.For Sale.


22/9/16 Busy Day.

• My on going love affair with my Veritas plane continues.

• Last piece falls into place for the Berlin Show. I need some way of transporting the instruments to Berlin and saw these at the London Show. Made by Scott Dixon Inc perfect for the job.

• Pale Moon Ebony top for a new build.

• New guitar range getting closer to finished.


18/9/16 2 New Build’s Underway

• Krell A Type Short Scale Fretless 6.

• Uber Finn 4.


16/9/16 New top wood options in the Fractal Series.

• Walnut/Mac Ebony and Nero.


11/9/16 Day off.

• It has been a funny summer in so much as it has gone by and I barely noticed. Been busy with customer orders, building the two new guitar models and getting stock ready for the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin. So very few days off only 4 games of cricket played out of 18 so I just noticed summer has gone and being in Scotland the window was small and I missed it and feel somewhat cheated. So I had a day off yesterday weather was crap so what did I do I processed wood for future builds. Now I can see looking from the outside that is not a day off but from my perspective it was. Been working so hard at finishing instruments lately which takes a lot of focus and concentration the comparatively simple job of working with boards of wood was actually a day off.

So batch of guitar necks were done and some bass necks glued up some finger boards cut to size and a pile of Swamp Ash boards machined closer to useable sizes. A bit of tiding up and reorganising the wood store made the rest of my day of.


9/9/16 Progress Uber Recurve 4.

• Featuring an Uber Black ART Maple Burl top and finger board.


5/9/16 Two new builds underway.

• Krell E Type 5 in Swamp Ash.

• Salace E Type Headless 6 Quilted Maple top on a Swamp Ash body.


23/8/16 First Krell Headless.

• Uber Black ART Maple Burl top/back and finger board.


10/8/16 New Build’s Underway

• P Type 4 Pale Moon Ebony top, White Lima body, Wenge/Padauk neck, Ebony board.

• Finn R Type 5. Claro Walnut top, Black Walnut body, Wenge/Black Walnut/ Maple neck, AI Spalted Maple board.

• Uber Recurve 4. Flame Maple top, Mahogany body, Bubinga/Maple neck, Ebony board.

• Salace E Type 6. Burl Redwood top, Mahogany body, Ash/Mahogany neck with AI Figured Maple board.


26/7/16 Work progress.

• Just the neck to carve and all the major wood work will be done.

• Über ART Krell 6. Held up a bit due to some unfortunate issues at ETS.


25/7/16 Second bass for The Holy Grail Guitar Show

• Krell fretless 4 with an new type of top, not sure what to call it yet.


24/7/16 Working on this Salace E Type 5.

• Chambered body and 305″ scale.


23/7/16 First batch of guitar necks in the works.

• As you have probably guessed they will be headless.


19/7/16 First bass taking shape for The Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin.

• Salace E Type 5 headless.


18/7/16 I spy with my little eye something beginning with G.

• I wonder what they could be.


11/7/16 Work progress.

• Basses for The Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin slowly moving along.

• Uber Krell 4 coming along nicely.


7/7/16 Work progress.

• Krell A Type most of the wood work now done.

• Recurve Classic 5 most of the wood work now done.


23/6/16 More bass progress.

• Uber ART Recurve 4.

• Krell A Type.


22/6/16 Work progress on several basses.

• Control and battery cavities.

• P Type 4.

• Recurve Classic 5.

• Recurve Fretless 4.


17/6/16 Installing necks today.

• Stock Standard Series Recurve 4.

• Stock Standard Series Finn 4

• Custom Recurve Fretless 4.

• First ever Custom P Type 4.


16/6/16 New build underway

• Krell 4 Shortscale.


31/5/16 Work progress on a number of basses.

• Necks ready to be installed.

Palace E Type 5 short scale headless.

Salace E Type 5.

Uber Krell 4.

Uber Krell 4.

Uber ART Recurve 4.

Krell A Type 5.

Recurve Classic 5.

First P Type 4.

Recurve Classic 5.

Recurve 4 Fretless.

Stock Standard Series Finn short scale (32′) 4. FOR SALE..

Stock Standard Series Recurve 4. FOR SALE.


18/5/16 Prototype Guitar Sale.

• 4 guitars with substantial discounts. Contact me for pricing and spec. Reiver and Krell Headless now sold.

Krell Headless.



16/5/16 Workprogress.

• Krell E Type 5.

• J Type 6.

• Recurve 5.

• Krell 5.


16/5/16 Holy Grail Guitar Show.

• Very pleased to have been accepted to exhibit at this fantastic show.
October 8/9th in Berlin.


13/5/16 J Type 6 progress.

• An unusual Sheudua top.


6/5/16 Neck building.

• Not to many build posts lately mainly because I have been working on necks. Not much in the way of photo opportunities working on necks.


4/5/16 North West Guitar Show

• ACG will be attending with a selection of basses to try and buy. We will also have 4 prototype guitars for sale at very reduced prices.


28/4/16 ACG MC pickups

• True Multi Coil pickups perfectly matched to the ACG DFM (Dual Filter Modular) Pre-amp. Both exclusive to ACG and used in the Über Series Basses. Multi Coil pickups done properly.


21/04/16 Work on a Krell E Type 5.

• Eucalyptus top and back with Acrylic Impregnated Birdseye Maple board.


15/4/16 Work progress.

• Krell 5 with Spaltted Alder top for the Great British Bass Lounge.

• Recurve 5 with Tasmanian Blackwood top.


10/4/16 500+ fret slots later.

• Bass finger boards.

• Guitar finger boards.


7/4/16 Are these guitars.

• Why yes they are. 5 Reivers and 5 as yet unannounced design.


7/4/16 Work Progress.

• Pile of wood chips produced while marching the first step of the control cavities.

• Some time later a batch with control cavities and battery box cavities.


6/4/16 Work progress

• Uber Recurve 4 with Black ART top and mineral stained White Limba back.

• Zizicote top on this Recurve Classic 5.

• Stack of bodies getting marked up for control cavities.


4/4/16 3 New Build’s Underway

• Krell 4 Acrylic Impregnated Buckeye top.

• Spalted Beech for a Standard Series Recurve Classic 5.

• Black Lmba body for a Recurve 4 fretless.


2/4/16 New P Type template.

• First bass underway just shortly.


2/4/16 Looking for ideas?.

• Myrtle.

• Caribbean Rosewood.

• Sappy Birdseye/Burl Redwood.

• Birdseye/Burl Redwood.

• Olive

• Okoume

• Acrylic Impregnated Buckeye.

• Acylic Impregnated Buckeye.


23/3/16 Normal service has been resumed after the London Bass Guitar Show and the Moffat Bass Bash.

• Krell A Type 5 with Myrtle top.

• Über Kerl 6 Headless with Black ART Maple Burl top/back/fingerboard.

• Standard Series J Type 6 with Sheudua top.

• Stand Series Finn R type headless with Black Walnut top.


8/3/16 Four new builds added to the sale section.

• Salace 5.

• Krell 5 Fretless.

• Recurve 4 Fretless.

• Krell 5.


28/2/16 Two new stock builds added to the sale section.

• Custom J Type 4.

• Border Reiver 4 Short Scale.


25/2/16 Processing wood today.

• Neck laminates. Wenge, Maple and Mahogany.


25/2/16 New Über Build Underway

• Recurve 4. Black ART top and finger board, with Mineral Stained White Limba back.


25/2/16 New Build’s Underway

• Recurve Classic 5. Ziracote top and Lava Bubinga board.

• Salace E type 5 Headless. Eucalyptus Burl top.

• Krell A Type 5. Myrtle top and Mac Ebony board.

• J Type 6. Sheudua top and Cocobolo board.


22/2/16 Work Progress.

• Finn R Type 5 Wenge/Walnut.

• Standard Series Finn R Type Headless 6. Black Walnut/Alder.

• Border reiver 5. Figured Maple/Swamp Ash.

17/2/16 Work on this J Type 5.

• Figured Maple on Black Limba.


11/2/16 Bass Quarterly Review.

• Bass quarterly Review of Über Finn R Type 5 and Über Recurve 5 Fretless.

My thanks to Mick Hofmann who kindly supplied his Recurve for the review.

Two PDF files one the original review with pics in German and an English translation of the text.
I had to edit the pre-amp description in the translation as it did not translate well into english.

Bass Quarterly.

English Text Translation.

10/2/16 Jaco Tribute Demo.

• Colin Cuninngham Signature Finn R Type Fretless 5.

Another excellent video for Cocosbassment.

Visit Cocosbassment for free lessons and transcriptions.


8/2/16 Top of the day.

• Figured Maple.

Spalt/ Flame Maple.

Flame with a bit of Spalt.

Dirty Birdseye.


7/2/16 Top of the day.

• Native walnut.


5/2/16 Top of the day.

• Santos Rosewood.


4/2/16 Top of the day.

• Quilt Maple one piece body.


3/2/16 Top of the day.

• A few ART (Acrylic Resin Treated) tops to get the ball rolling.


30/1/16 Moe neck and body work.

• Standard Series Krell 5 Stock Bass.

• Harlot Short Scale 6.

• Border Reiver 4 Short Scale Stock Bass.

• Border Reiver short scale with headstock.


29/1/16 So what I did with the selection of tools below.

• J Type 4. Stock Bass.

• ART Salace 5. Stock Bass.

• Black ART Krell 5 Fretless. Stock Bass.

• Chambered Recurve 4 Fretless with Myrtle top. Stock Bass.

• Finn 4 P-Bass Plus. Stock Bass.


29/1/16 Neck carving.

• Weapons of choice.
From left to right.
Gloves to protect my delicate hands.
Hard sanding block.
Cabinet scraper.
Fine rasp.
Medium rasp hand struck.
Rough rasp hand struck.
Japanese saw rasp.
Mirka sander.
Not in the picture but essential a good dust mask and bench vice.


27/1/16 Working on the Moth 4 today.

• Swamp Ash body Padauk/Wenge neck Acrylic Impregnated Bloodwood finger board.


26/1/16 Stock build fretless work.

• Chambered body in Spanish Cedar with Wenge accent and Myrtle top.Ebony board with Maple lines.

• Krell with Black AR Lacewood top. Aluminium face dots and partial fretlines.


26/1/16 Work on custom orders.

• Recurve 5 with Blackwood top.

• J Type 5 with Bubinga top.

• Harlot 6 with Red ART top.


21/1/16 Border Reiver Short Scale for Evolve Guitars.

• Neck carve and body contours are next.


10/1/16 London Bass Guitar Show stock bass

• Standard Series Krell 5 with Black Walnut top and Black Limba body.

<h8/1/16 Stock Build Progress.

• Custom ART Black Lacewood Krell 5.

• SB bridge/ PB neck for Custom J Type 4.

• ART Redwood Salace 5 2 X FB humbuckers.

• Uber Recurve 4 Aqua ART.

• Standard Series Finn 4. PB single pickup.


6/1/16 Stock Custom J Type 4.

• Swamp Ash body with Maple/Wenge neck and Ash block inlays in Wenge board.


6/1/15 Moffat Bass Bash 2016.

• Moffat Bass Bash 19/20th March 2016.
Very happy to announce that Mr Dave Swift will be at the Bash for the full weekend. So if you have questions or just want to have a chat with one of the highest profile bass players in the UK this is your chance.

5/1/16 Stock Build

• A bit of work done on this Salace 5 stock bass. It features an ART Redwood top with a Spanish Cedar body. Neck is a 5 piece Wenge/Padauk/Flame Eucalyptus with an Acrylic Impregnated Androba finger board.


5/1/16 Guitar stuff.

• As a few of you will know I build guitars as well. 2016 will see the launch of a more serious attempt to increase ACG profile in the guitar world. I have built more than a few guitar prototypes over the years and have now settled on two models which I am pretty happy with.

The Reiver is one of the models that will make the cut.
This particular guitar was used to try out a bolt on neck,the previous guitars were all set neck. Pleased with the upper fret access and the unobtrusive heel. This also has the flat 6 in line headstock again to try it out. In the final production version I will be keeping the 6 in line but will be going with an angled back headstock.
This guitar features a Black Heart Sassafras top with Swamp Ash body. 3 piece Maple neck and Rosewood board. As with all the guitars it has a dual action trussrod and carbon rods in the neck. The production guitars will have a five piece neck. Those that follow my bass work will see several features that I use in my basses translated into the up coming guitars.
When completed this guitar along with a TKO will be available at prototype pricing which will represent a considerable discount in relation to the production versions.

22/12/15 Stock Builds underway at the moment.

• Custom J Type 4. Swamp Ash Body. Acrylic Impregnated Ash block inlys.

• Standard Series Finn 4. Goncalo Alves top Alder body. Ash/Rosewood neck.


21/12/15 Progress on commissioned basses.

• Border Reiver with headstock.

• Finn R Type 6 Headless.

• Finn R Type 5.

• J Type 5.


10/11/15 Left Hand Standard Series Krell 5

• Black Walnut over Black Limba


29/11/15 Progress on the first Krell Kompact Headless Guitar.

• Bubinga top with Black Limba body.


25/11/15 Neck and body carving today.

• Recurve 5 Ebony/Bloodwood/Wenge.

• Recurve 5 Black Limba.

• Krell 5 Stock.

• Recurve 4 Stock.


24/11/15 Working on two very different Recurves.

• Aqua Art top and Acrylic Impregnated Flame Sycamore board.

• Ebony/Bloodwood/Wenge dark matters.


21/11/15 Doing stuff.

• Krell Headless Guitar,yes I build guitars as well but keep it secret.

• Moth 4.

• Stock Krell 5 featuring an Black ART Maple Burl top and AI Spalt Maple board.

16/11/15 Border Reiver

• 30.5″ Scale 4 string.


15/11/15 ACG Sale Now On.



9/11/15 Build progress and some wood pics.

• Next batch of necks.

• Blackwood.

• Claro Walnut.


1/11/15 Border Reiver

• Stock Border Reiver bodies.


28/10/15 Working on bodies today.

• Eucalyptus Burl Krell E Type 5.

• Krell 5 Spalt Alder.

• Krell 5 Black ART Maple Burl.

• Recurve 5 Tasmanian Blackwood.

• Finn R Type headless 6 Black Walnut.

• Border Reiver 4. Swamp Ash.


21/10/15 New stock in from Larry.

• Dual Dyed ART Maple.

• Acrylic Impregnated Buckeye.


9/10/15 More neck and body work.

• Stock Finn 4 with ART top.

• Light weight Recurve 4 fretless.

• Harlot 4.

• Ash Finn 4.


8/10/15 Neck and body carving today.

• Krell 4 for The Great British Bass Lounge.

• Krell A Type 5 with ART Maple Burl top.


7/10/15 Installing neck today.

• Finn 4 Swamp Ash.

• Harlot 4 Zebrano/Alder

• Stock Red ART Finn 4. ART American Sycamore/ UK Sycamore.

• Stock Recurve Fretless 4. Light weight Helium range. Salt Alder/ Spruce/Alder.


2/10/15 New Build Underway

• Recurve 5. Tasmanian Blackwood top, Alder body, Wenge/Maple neck, Mac Ebony finger board.


25/9/15 Salace E Type 6.

• Headless, 31.5″ scale, 3.6Kg. Ooofft Chubby as Colin would say.


24/9/15 Krell Work.

• Krell A Type 5 with ART top.

• Krell 4 for GBBL.


11/9/15 I know what you have been thinking. Long time since the last update what has the work shy chancer been doing. Answer working on necks, all these necks are now ready to be installed into their respective bodies..

• Short Scale Finn 4.

• Finn R Type 5.

• Ebony topped Recurve 5.

• Krell 4 for GBBL.

•Red ART Finn 4 stock.

• Aqua ART Recurve 4 stock.

• Very Black Limba Recurve 5 with Blue ART Ash finger board.

• Blue ART Redwood Salace 5 stock.

• Helium Recurve 4 fretless stock.

• Krell Headless Guitar.

• Black ART Maple Burl Krell 5 stock.


27/8/15 The Moth.

• Working on the neck for this Moth 4.


26/8/15 More progress

• Stock Recurve 5 with most of the wood work completed.

• Krell 4 for The Great British Bass Lounge. If you are interested in this bass please contact Drew at GBBL.


24/8/15 New builds underway.

• Stock Recurve 4. Aqua ART top.

• Stock Krell 5 Fretless with Black ART Lacewood top.

• Stock Finn 4 with Red ART Maple top.

• Stock Custom J Type 4.

• Finn R Type 5.

• Krell Headless Guitar.


20/8/15 More truss rods installed today plus this.

• Neck installed into this Krell A Type 5 with Blue ART Maple Burl top.


19/8/15 Not as much done today.

• Krell 5 neck and body carving done.

• Most of the day spent installing truss rods.


18/8/15 If only all days were this productive.

• Stock Salace Headless 5.

• Stock Recurve 5.

• Stock Border Reiver 4.

• J Type 4.

• Salace E Type 6.

• Recurve 4.


17/8/15 Relates progress towards completion.

• Stock Recurve 5 with Rose Myrtle top and matching pickup covers.


15/8/15 New Standard Series Demo from Cocosbassment.

• Featuring a J Type 6.


14/8/15 Moving along.

• J Type 4 with Holly top, neck ready to be installed.

• Stock Recurve 5 with Rose Myrtle top and AI Ash finger board.


11/8/15 Guess what,yes more work progress.

• Recurve 4 ready for neck and body carving.

• First ever Krell E Type ready for neck and body carving.


10/8/15 More work progress.

• Krell 5 ready for the neck and body carving.

• Stock Salace 5 moving along.


5/8/15 Stock Border Reiver Travel Bass.

• Calico Padauk top and back Swamp Ash core. Wenge/Padauk neck with AI Birdseye Maple board.


3/8/15 Some new stock builds.

• Recurve 5 with Tasmanian Myrtle top on to Ash.Wenge/Maple neck with Acrylic Impregnated Ash finger board.

• Krell 5 Black ART MaleBurl top with Flame Maple accent then black veneer on to Ash with a Wenge back.Acrylic Impregnated Spalt Maple finger board with Wenge/Padauk/Maple neck.

• Salace 5 with ART Blue Redwood top on to Spanish Ceder body. Wenge/Padauk/Flame Eucalyptus neck and Acrylic Impregnated Flame Andioba finger board.


3/8/15 Work progress.

• Black epoxy being used to fill the voids in this Blue Gum Burl top.

• Krell 5 with the neck ready to be installed.

• Krell A Type 5 with the neck ready to be installed. ART Blue Maple Burl top.


30/7/15 Krell Headless Guitar template.

• First Krell Headless Guitar in the works.


30/7/15 Krell Headless Guitar template.

• First Krell Headless Guitar in the works.

24/7/15 Mixed day.

• First the planer broke, blown starting capacitor so it had to be fixed. Things I never thought I would know about when I started building basses.

• Next 666 Redwood or is that just me.


21/7/15 More progress.

• New Recurve build. Black Limba body, Wenge/Purpleheart neck with ART Blue Ash fingerboard.

• Salace E Type 6 Short Scale neck now glued up.

• Neck glued up for the Border Reiver 4 33″ scale. Wenge/Paduack neck with AI Birdseye Maple board.

• Light weight Salace 5 neck glued up. Wenge/Padauk neck with AI Spalt Maple board.

• Recurve 4/5/ stock body Alder with Keyaki top.

• Finn 4/5 stock body Alder/Goncalo Alves top.


17/7/15 New builds underway.

• First in a new line of light weight basses. This body has a Spruce/Alder core with Spalt Alder top and back. It currently weighs 2.7lbs.

• Second bass in the light weight experiment. Flame Maple top with an Amapola body,currently 2.4lbs.

• Border Reiver Travel Bass. Calico Padauk top and back with Swamp Ash Core.


16/7/15 New bass demo.

This bass features the ACG DFM 4K Pre-amp and the MC5 pickups.

Many thanks to Colin Cunningham for all his hard work. You can check out Colin’s free lessons and transcriptions at:


Full details on the feature bass can be found here.:


12/7/15 Working on bodies this weekend.

• Group shot .

• Ash Finn 4.

• Kreel 4 Golden Redwood top Alder body.

• One piece Figured Maple Recurve S Type 7.

• Ebony/Bloodwood/Wenge Recurve 5.

• Harlot 6 with ART Red Spalt Maple top.


9/7/15 More finger boards and neck blanks.

• Red and Blue ART Maple finger boards.

• Selection of Ebony boards.Nice Tiger Stripe on some of them.

• Another batch of neck blanks some for current orders other for future builds.


8/7/15 Wood processing today mostly finger boards.

• Acrylic Resin Treated (ART) fingerboards are exclusive to ACG. Red ART Maple.

• Black ART Lacewood which produces a very unique pattern.

• Aqua ART Figured Maple a lovely deep Blue/Green.

• Black ART Figured Maple at the top the other two are Maple Burl. Here you can see the random nature of the process as to where the dye takes on the burl boards.

• Selection of Acrylic Impregnated boards Quilt,Flame,Spalt and Birdseye Maple. Two Flame Ash and a Figured Koa.

• Large selection of Acrylic Impregnated Maple boards including some Dirty Maple and a few Flame Ash.

• A Golden Redwood top for a bass commissioned by the Great British Bass Lounge.

• Blue ART Redwood top again exclusive to ACG.


7/7/15 Scarf joints.

• Selection of different necks getting the scarf joint planed ready for glue up.


6/7/15 Work on my own Krell 6 fretless.

• I decided to change the bridge pickup from a SB single coil to a RFB wide aperture humbucker with the coil switching option. With a recently changed specification I was keen to try out the new version and very pleased with it.


4/7/15 Working on necks.

• Scarf joints on the big saw.

• The results with their respective necks and finger boards.

• Some control cavities done as well.

2/7/15 Assembling bass this week.

• Electronics in this Custom Recurve 4.

• MC6 Multi Coil pickups and ACG DFM 5K pre-amp.


23/6/15 Working on bodies today.

• First of a new body shape. Salace E Type 6.

• J Type with Holly top and back.

• Krell A Type 5 with ART Maple Burl top.

• Recurve 4 with Blue Gum Burl top.

• Krell 5. Wenge on Swamp Ash.

• Moth 4.


19/6/15 More stain work today.

• The start of my ember finish on the Über Harlot 4.

18/6/15 Stain work.

• Start of the staining process on this Salace Headless 4.


16/6/15 Body Blanks.

• Salace E Type 6 Headless Short Scale with Koa top Spruce core and Mahogany back.

• Krell A Type 5 with ART Maple Burl top and Mahogany body.

• Moth 4 Swamp Ash body.


14/6/15 Working on necks for the last week.

• Selection of neck blanks.


3/6/15 Neck carving and body contours today.

• Über Recurve 5.

• Salace Headless 4.

• Über Recurve S Type 6.

• Recurve Short Scale 4.


1/6/15 Working on Recurve basses today. Necks installed and pickup routes done.

• Über Recurve 5.

• Short scale Recurve 4.


29/5/15 Über Harlot 4 wood work now done.

• Ember finish to be applied to the top.

• Very rare Flame White Limb back.


28/5/15 Available ART Tops.

• Black ART 1

• Black ART 2

• Black ART 3.

• Aqua ART.

• Lace ART 1.

• Lace ART 2.

• Aqua/Redwood ART.


28/5/15 New Build’s Underway

• Eucalyptus Burl for a Recurve 4.

• Blue ART Maple Burl for a Krell A Type 5.


27/5/15 Work Progress.

• Neck installed and pickup routes done on this J Type 6.

• Neck installed and pickup routes on this Salace 4.



25/5/15 Wood Prep Day

• Salace E Type 6 Headless.

• J Type 4.

• Krell 5.

• Recurve 4.

• Krell Headless Guitar

• Krell A Type 5.

• Moth 4.

• Recurve 5.


30/4/15 Another bass into finishing.

• Krell 4 for The Great British Bass Lounge.


28/4/15 MC6 pickups.

• First ever set of MC6 multi coil pickups arrived today.


28/4/15 Into finishing.

• Skelf SS 4

• J Type 4.


27/4/15 Into finishing.

• Finn 5 Short Scale wood work complete.


24/4/15 Work progress.

• Krell 4 for Great British Bass Lounge.

• Skelf Short Scale.

• Finn 5 Short Scale.


22/4/15 Start to instal the current batch of necks.

• Ash/Rosewood neck for this Standard Series J Type 4.


21/4/15 Wood work complete on the Über Recurve 5 fretless.


21/4/15 Side dots today.


20/4/15 More work on necks.

• Recurve with Kingwood short scale.

• Skelf SS 4.

• Finn 5 short scale.

• Über Recurve 5.

• 5 piece Wenge/Bubinga neck with AI Wenge board.
• ACG DFM 4K filter pre-amp with ACG FB humbuckers.


• Recurve S Type bolt on neck.

• Standard Series Finn 5 short scale.


14.4.15 Cavity work finished.

• Control/Battery cavities all done on this batch.


13/4/15 Control cavities today.

• Left to right,Finn 5 Krell 4 Recurve 5

• Salace 5, Recurve 4


9/4/15 new builds.

• Skelf Short Scale 4 and a Finn Short Scale 5.

• Krell 4 for GBBL and a Standard Series J Type 6.


8/4/15 Über Recurve 5.

• All the major wood work done on this bass. Finish sanding then on to the spray booth.


6/4/15 Workshop Videos.

• This is the first of a series of time lapse videos I did which covers most of the build process. The rest of the series can be found in the media section of my website.


3/4/15 Fretting work today.

• All the wood work done on the Über J Type 4.

• Pressing in frets.

• The results.

2/4/15 Progress Pics.

• Stain on a J Type 6.

• Work on necks.

• An Alder Finn and White Limba Skelf SS rough cut body shapes.

• Ready for the spray booth tomorrow.


1/4/15 Pics by Colin Cunningham

The difference between the pictures I manage compared to someone who knows what they are doing.


30/3/15 First ART top in the new batch.

• Maple Burl dual dyed for a Krell A Type 5..


30/3/15 Workshop stuff.

• Hand planing White Limba for body blanks.

• Hand planing Alder for body blanks.

• Gluing up the body blanks and a couple of 3 piece Maple necks.


27/3/15 A first for ACG

Ruby and Opal

• Anyone that follows my work will know that I seldom put anything on the front of the finger board. This bass has unusual octave markers in the form of an Opal and a Ruby.


27/3/15 Workshop Pictures

• Two pictures showing some of the basses and necks currently under construction.

27/3/15 Neck carving today.

• Recurve 4 Fretless for GBBL.


• Standard Series Finn Short Scale 4.


• Custom J Type 6.


21/02/15 – 4 New Build’s Underway

Finn short scale for Waldo

• Alder body with Bubinga top.
• 3 piece Maple neck with Rosewood board.
• East BTB 2 band EQ with ACG SB in the bridge and FB in the neck

Krell A Type 5 for Steven

• Mahogany core with a Maple Burl ART Blue/Orange top.
• 5 piece Wenge/Bubinga neck with AI Wenge board.
• ACG DFM 4K filter pre-amp with ACG FB humbuckers.

Standard Series J Type 4 for Alain

• White Limba body with TBD stain.
• 3 piece Ash neck with Rosewood board.
• ACG SB pickups and SEQ Filter pre-amp.

Über Recurve 5 fretless for Mick

• Fiddleback Eucalyptus top with Wenge accent and Butternut body
• Wenge/Black Walnut neck with Acrylic Impregnated Mac Ebony board
• ACG MC5 pickups and DFM pre-amp.


16/01/15 – Über Recurve 5 fretless for Mick

• Fiddleback Eucalyptus top with Wenge accent and Butternut body
• Wenge/Black Walnut neck with Acrylic Impregnated Mac Ebony board
• ACG MC5 pickups and DFM pre-amp.


15/01/15 – 2 More New Builds Underway!

Salace Headless 4 for Dean

• Quilt Maple top which will have a Trans Blue finish
• White Limba body
• 5 piece Maple/Wenge neck with Rosewood board
• ETS tuning unit and ACG Custom Headpiece
• ACG FB humbuckers and ACG DFM 5K/AP


Über Harlot 4 for Dave

• Quilt Maple top which will have the Ember finish
• White Limba core with a Flame White Limba back
• Wenge neck with Maple pinstripes
• AI Flame Sycamore board
• ACG MC4 pickups and the ACG DFM 4K pre-amp


14/01/15 – 2 New Build’s Underway

J Type 6 left hand for Giovanni

• Black Limba body with Figured Maple top with black stain
• Maple/Wenge neck with Acrylic Impregnated Birdseye Maple fingerboard
• ACG FB in the bridge SB in the neck
• ACG DFM 5K/AP pre-amp


Über Recurve 5 for Bryan

• Tasmanian Myrtle top with Sycamore Accent and White Limba body
• 5 piece Maple/Wenge neck with AI Mac Ebony board
• ACG MC 5 pickups and the ACG DFM 4K pre-amp


23/10/14 – 2 New Build’s Underway

Recurve 5 for Cameron

• Redwood Burl top with purpleheart accent onto a Black Limba body
• 5 piece Purleheart/Maple/Wenge neck with Acrylic Impregnated Spalt Maple board
• ACG FB humbucker in to an ACG DFM 4K pre-amp


Über Recurve S Type 6 for Wallace

• Mahogany body with Claro Walnut top
• Bubinga/Wenge/Maple neck with Acrylic Impregnated Birdseye Maple fingerboard
• ACG MC6 pickups into an ACG DFM 5K/AP


11/08/14 – Über J Type 4 for Markus

• Flame Maple top with faded black finish
• Mahogany body
• 5 piece Maple/Mahogany neck with Rosewood finger board, MOP block inlays
• ACG MC4 pickups into an ACG DFM 4K