0140 Über Recurve 4 Fretless.

Spec Level: Über

This is a demo bass to allow customers to try the new ACG MC Series of multi coil pickups.

  • • Top Wood:Thyua Burl
    • Body Wood:Flame Sycamore
    • Back wood:Mahogany
    • Accent Veneer: Black Sycamore
    • Body Finish: Satin Lacquer
  • • Neck Wood: Wenge/Pear
    • Fingerboard: Indian Ebony lined with Pearwood 33″ scale
    • Head Plate:Weneg Back Plate:Wenge
    • Neck Finish:Satin Lacquer
  • • Pickups ACG MC4
    • Hardware: ACG/Hipshot bridge,Gotoh GB350 tuners,Dunlop recessed starplocks
    • Pre-amp: ACG EQ03 dual filter.

MC pickups and the ACG/Hipshot bridge. Bridge pickup uses the IB1r interface board the neck pickup uses the IB1f board.

Date: August 27, 2013